• August 30, 2021

PROLETARIJAT is a Techno-Label started back in 2016 by Sev Dah as a platform for his own vision of music and creativity. The whole project is inspired by the Yugoslav resistance movement (partisanresistance) during WWII which created a lot of heroic personalities who were used as an inspiration for different projects on the label.

The primary goal from the start was to release music from only one artist – the plan changed during the process and the label will include releases from different artists with the same mindset in the future.

remix-series will be launched in the begining of 2022, where different artists will remix the previously released tracks on PROLETARIJAT as a limited edition, both on vinyl and in digital format.

The final idea is to inspire a whole generation to be creative without limitations, to appreciate the freedom of expression and to be reminded of our antifascist past and fight against occupation and repression!

The fight is never over!

” Death to fascism – freedom to the people! “